Top Tips For The Best Foot And Ankle Care

Top Tips For The Best Foot And Ankle Care



We are lucky to have Kinga as part of the Achilles Heal Podiatry team. Kinga specialises in diabetic foot care, assessments and communication to patients regarding their changing foot care needs, which are not a static thing, they adapt with the changing phases of life. 

With this wealth of knowledge in specialised areas, Kinga is dedicated to her work as a Perth Podiatrist and says she loves to help people with small niggles. “Sometimes foot problems are easily solved with a small device or therapeutic appliance (E.g. Interdigital wedge, pressure deflecting insole, heel lift) and patients often don’t realise these are available to them until they visit a podiatrist.”

Podiatrists have the ability to see the main issues that cause foot and ankle problems and Kinga says, “The key is to support your feet, especially women. Flimsy ballet flats provide no support. Activewear is fantastic because one can wear strong, supportive sport shoes all the time.” Adding to this poor foot and ankle health is excessive body weight and poor lifestyle choices that can be improved simply through a more healthy and active lifestyle.

“As a podiatrist, the biggest issues I see in relation to foot and ankle health are excessive body weight, poor lifestyle choices mainly due to insufficient exercise and poor footwear.” 

Kinga also shares some further tips and says that we should always stretch our calf muscles and hamstrings. Most people have tight gastroc/soleus complex and hamstrings as part of their posterior chain.  This comes from too much sitting which is becoming a real problem for a lot of people especially if they work in an office. 

Through her career, Kinga has also seen some of the most common foot and ankle injuries including Morton’s Neuroma, Plantar Fascitis, Achilles Shortening and Ingrown Toenails. We recommend contacting us if you are experiencing any of the symptoms related to these injuries. 

Kinga is a wonderful member of our team and we are very proud to have some of Perth’s best podiatrists working at Achilles Heal Podiatry. Kinga loves her competitive sport, beach volleyball and cross country running. She loves dogs too and has a gorgeous cavoodle.

To book an appointment with Kinga, simply call 9331 7200 or contact us here.